Analysis Tools

The analysis tools allow you to search the Benchmarking & Best Practices database to research specific supply chain issues. The tools in the set are as follows:


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3PL Search

The Third Party Logistics Service Provider Search Tool allows you to search and browse through our 3PL companies that meet certain criteria based on your organizational needs.

  • Searches are created using one or more of the 13 dimensions defined based on the needs of your organization.
  • You may compare an unlimited number of providers to each other at the data level along each of the major topics.
  • Searches return a list of all providers that match the criteria selected.
  • Detailed information is available for each provider should you need to contact them.

The search tool identifies specific questions, reports, presentations or other resources on the VBB web site that match keywords that you select.

  • Searches are created using one or more keywords selected from a search definition web page.
  • Searches return a list of all resources that match the keywords.
  • Links on the return list allow you to go directly to an interview question, report or presentation to initiate a query or download.
  • The search is Google© like, except that only highly relevant responses are returned.

Filters are used by queries to narrow data requests to companies with specific characteristics.

  • You may select up to 25 filter criteria to focus on operations that fit into a scenario that you would like to investigate.
  • You may save multiple sets of filters (i.e. scenarios). Any scenario can be defined as the default.
  • At least one set of filters should be established prior to initiating a query. The system default is to search with no filters.
Query (initiated from within the online interview)

The query tool searches the Benchmarking & Best Practices database using user defined filters and returns summarized results based on participant responses to online interviews.

  • Queries focus on responses to individual questions in the online interviews.
  • Results may include answer totals, averages, medians, low’s, high’s and quartiles, depending on what might be appropriate for the question.
  • Queries may be initiated from within the Search tool or from within the online interview by clicking on a question number or letter.
  • To protect the confidentiality of each participant’s data, queries only return results when there are at least four companies in the group targeted by query filters.