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Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium

About Us

  • Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium is the premier source for supply chain benchmarking and best practices knowledge.  With more than 350 participating retail, manufacturing and wholesale/distribution companies, the Consortium sponsors a comprehensive repository of over 10,000 data points complemented by search capabilities, online analysis tools, topic forums and peer networking for supply chain executives and practitioners.  The Consortium is led by the needs of its membership and an Advisory Board that includes executives from Domino’s Pizza, Hallmark, Ingram Micro, Kane is Able, Miller-Coors, and University of Wisconsin.  To learn more about how your company can become a member of the Supply Chain Consortium, contact Patty Trocchio, 919-855-5424 or visit
Latest Supply Chain Consortium Updates
  • Tompkins International Blog How to Choose the Right Sorter for your Material Handling Automation System
    Tuesday, June 30, 2015
    Sorters are commonly used elements in many material handling automation systems.  A sorter is basically a device that can receive inputs (usually products, in single unit or full case form) in any order and separate it into multiple, discrete channels without human intervention.  The main function of a sorter is to allow the decision of what products belong together in one order to be completed without depending on people.  Instead, we will need to use a warehouse management system (WMS) to know all the products that need to go into an order and a collection of machinery to automate the movement of those products.  The machines need to be able to read which product it is receiving and to physically move the correct product to the correct area, together with other products that belong to the same order.  Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Why Retailers Need To Be Using Multiple Channels
    Thursday, June 25, 2015
    Last week I read multiple articles regarding the closing of brick and mortar store locations throughout the US.  The titles of a few articles stated "Hope" and "Dying Slowly".  I found these words to be interesting and puzzling in regards to plans for closing one-fourth of a retailer's brick and mortar store locations.  Is there really "Hope" when closing such a large amount of locations?  Is this really "Dying Slowly"?  Read more.
  • Press Release Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2015 Keynote Speech - The Change of Supply Chain is Rapid and Surprising
    Thursday, June 25, 2015
    Join the Tompkins Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2015.  This year's keynote speaker Jim Tompkins, CEO, Tompkins International, will address the latest thoughts on supply chain practices.  Jim was selected as the 2015 Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award recipient by the Institute of Industrial Engineers, IIE.  The award recognizes those who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the welfare of mankind in the field of industrial engineering.  The contributions are of the highest caliber and nationally or internationally recognized.  Jim has also fulfilled over 1,500 speaking engagement requests.  Read more.
  • Article Profitability of Customer Personalization
    Wednesday, June 24, 2015
    In today's demand driven retail environment, there are many instances in which customer expectations are not satisfied.  In large part, this occurs because company supply chains are not designed to meet the new requirements of omnichannel distribution in a profitable format.  To understand this problem and how to solve it, Tompkins International conducted an analysis to help retailers understand the economics of omnichannel delivery and the potential benefits of designing the supply chain for that service model.  Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Dimensional Weight Pricing – Shoplifting VS. Highway Robbery
    Tuesday, June 16, 2015
    According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention there are approximately $13.0 billion of merchandise shoplifted each year in the United States.  Perhaps surprisingly, it is estimated that almost 85% of goods shoplifted are stolen by employees; leaving only 15.2% -- about $2.0 billion - worth of goods which are stolen out of stores by customers.  Read more.
  • Executive's Edge June 2015 - Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award
    Thursday, June 11, 2015
    It is with great privilege that I am able to announce Dr. James A. Tompkins, CEO, Tompkins International received the prestigious Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award at the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Annual Conference and EXPO 2015 held in Nashville, Tennessee on June 1, 2015.  This award is the highest and most esteemed honor bestowed by IIE.  It recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the welfare of mankind in the field of industrial engineering.  The contributions are of the highest caliber and nationally or internationally recognized.  Read more for more details.
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