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Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium

About Us

  • Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium is the premier source for supply chain benchmarking and best practices knowledge.  With more than 350 participating retail, manufacturing and wholesale/distribution companies, the Consortium sponsors a comprehensive repository of over 10,000 data points complemented by search capabilities, online analysis tools, topic forums and peer networking for supply chain executives and practitioners.  The Consortium is led by the needs of its membership and an Advisory Board that includes executives from Domino’s Pizza, Hallmark, Ingram Micro, Kane is Able, Miller-Coors, and University of Wisconsin.  To learn more about how your company can become a member of the Supply Chain Consortium, contact Patty Trocchio, 919-855-5424 or visit
Latest Supply Chain Consortium Updates
  • Tompkins International Blog Warehouse Replenishment: Friend or Foe?
    Thursday, June 09, 2016
    Nobody likes replenishing pick locations. It is a non-value added task that occupies labor and equipment resources without directly benefiting the process of completing orders. Let's not even talk about case replenishment which creates an additional touch for each case. Actually, I think we should talk about it. Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Should China Be Its Own Network?
    Thursday, June 02, 2016
    It is common to treat China as an independent network in distribution network design. However, this approach should change.

    Given the size and complexity of China, it seems reasonable to optimize it as an independent network from inbound port to customer. However, as China becomes more inter-connected with the rest of Asia, it is no longer so simple. There are more nodes that connect China to the rest of Asia, which means more opportunities for cost savings and lead time improvement. Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Share. Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2016.
    Thursday, May 26, 2016
    We are less than four months away from the premium Tompkins International Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2016 (SCLF). We wanted to provide some exciting details about the SCLF being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota August 29th through August 31st. This year you will be joining our CEO, Jim Tompkins, along with 200 other supply chain executives and experts. You will have the opportunity to connect with one another, share insight, and learn together due to the remarkable lineup of events and speakers taking place throughout the two days; allowing us to connect, share, and learn. Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Nurture, Grow, and Cultivate Your Third Party Logistics Strategy
    Thursday, May 19, 2016
    Dear 3PL Provider: Spring has arrived. It is time to cultivate. Use this primer to protect and grow your customer base. I recently met with the CEO of a mid-sized third party logistics (3PL) company. We discussed the usual topics: industry trends, what is happening in mergers and acquisitions, and of course the conversation led to "how is business". The CEO was pleased about some new wins but concerned about the portfolio becoming lopsided. Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog Transitioning Your Logistics Operations to Meet the Needs of Millennials
    Thursday, May 12, 2016
    Millennials are a rapidly growing segment of the workforce. According to Pew research, there are currently 53.5 million millennials working, about one-third of the current workforce. It is estimated that by 2025, millennials will make up as much as 75 percent of the workforce. Read more.
  • Tompkins International Blog The Future of Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain
    Thursday, May 05, 2016
    During recent select interviews with Target, Home Depot, Birchbox, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, DSW, and Tompkins International, eft(eyefortransport) has gained insight into how retail organizations are tackling six key themes dominating the retail supply chains of today. The resulting interviews and commentaries offer incredible insight into the state of strategic decision-making within today's retail organizations. These insights can be found in the white paper, The Future of Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain. Read more.
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